Williams Carpet Cleaning is Tri-Cities your Number 1 Carpet Cleaning Company for 27 years.
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We accept all major credit cards for carpet and upholstery cleaning
Williams Carpet Cleaninig is a Certified Firm
Our equipment has the Gold Seal of Approval
Our equipment has the Gold Seal of Approval
Carpet Cleaning in the Kennewick, WA 

 Our Mission “To Provide the Most Outstanding Service Experience Possible”

We are committed to showing up on time, and communicating with you throughout the service experience. Our staff will show up in a professionally lettered vehicle, in uniform and ready to serve you in the most courteous manner possible.


Williams Carpet Cleaning in the Tri-Cities enjoys a reputation that is second to none. We have cleaned over 13,000 homes in the tri-cities and some of the areas most seasoned carpet professionals, interior designers and real estate agents refer our services exclusively. Our reputation insures that you can trust our company to Provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever!

Williams Carpet Cleaning has 27 years of experienced in all methods of carpet cleaning, all fabric types and carpet construction as well as the most unusual soiling conditions.  We are often called on to correct soiling conditions that other cleaners are not familiar with. This gives you the confidence that we will be familiar with your situation regardless of the situation.

Williams Carpet Cleaning is certified By the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The IICRC is the world’s most recognized body of certification for carpet and upholstery cleaners. We are also heavily involved in our industry to stay on the cutting edge of information. We bring this education directly to your job, giving you the most advanced cleaning ever.

Williams Carpet Cleaning is committed to first class customer service. You will be treated with the utmost respect and our uniformed crew will arrive on time. Our company is experienced in all methods of carpet cleaning. We use the hydramaster boxxer 427 truckmounted steam cleaning that gets maximum soil removal and maximum spot Removal without over-wetting your carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.

Williams Carpet Cleaning offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not completely thrilled with the service experience you receive from our company, we will return and reclean the problem area at no charge. If you are still unimpressed, you owe us nothing, and we will issue a 100% refund.

We are licensed Bonded and Insured

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Carpet Cleaning in the Tri-Cities WA
Carpet Cleaning in trhe Tri-Cities WA
We accept all major credit cards for carpet and upholstery cleaning
Williams Carpet Cleaning is featured as an industry leader in the January 2011 cleanfax magazine and here is the story.

If Randy Williams ever has mechanical issues with his carpet cleaning vans or machines, he can, no doubt, make short work of any needed repairs. 

After high school, Randy traveled to Oklahoma to drill oil wells. He was what was called a "roughneck". He started as a "worm" and worked his way up to "driller" with his own crew. 

In those years, he learned how to fix virtually everything that needed fixing. 

Then, in 1982, the price of oil fell and so did most of the oil rigs... so he went to work in the pre-stressed concrete business. He started a lawn mowing business in the evenings to help make ends meet. 

One day, Randy mowed the yard of a carpet cleaning company owner. Randy was asked if he was interested in cleaning carpet. Randy's first question was "How much can I make?" The two of them worked out a commission plan with bonuses for add-on sales. 

Eight months later, that carpet cleaning company was sold and Randy spent a short time as an owner/operator. 

Eventually, Randy and his wife Janet moved back to their hometown of Prosser, WA, where they started Williams Carpet Cleaning in 1996. 

Williams Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs and water damage services. The two-truck company even cleans airplanes. 

Steady, profitable growth 

Williams Carpet Cleaning had seen, since its humble beginnings, approximately a $25,000 increase in business each year, due in large part to referral and repeat business. 

Like many, Randy started his company by using the Yellow Pages. He also took advantage of a software program to run his direct mail campaigns. 

He did all this in-house until discovering a newsletter program where all he does is upload his mailing list and lets someone else do the work. 

Randy also finds success with using a local television station to give his company "face time" with the community. 

He's proud of his accomplishments, and makes sure his current and potential customers know about it. He's quick to advertise his credentials as he continues to expand his education. 

Modern marketing 

Randy is quick to take advantage of the Internet and the reach it affords service companies. 

In 2007, he built his own website and started seeing results the following month. He uses pay-per-click programs extensively, and sees great results from them. 

It worked so well that he started to build and maintain websites for other carpet cleaning companies. He now cares for more than 40 carpet cleaning websites, launching a new venture: Williams Website Design. 

With a successful business in both carpet cleaning and website design, Randy's plan is to continue to learn how to better run his company and to watch industry trends so he can take advantage of future growth opportunities. 

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